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We also take donations (which go directly into the production of the upcoming album) via cryptocurrency.
Please use one of the following addresses for the currency of your choice:

Bitcoin: 1NXRmrQyEH9quDA2qFpAzujt8h631wzuK1

Bitcoin Cash: 1DLhG4kJECXCLkBmee38mvARamJm9vNwSh

Dash: XqN8jXdYEobdXurxZk4VDPKgGpQgLTT45Q

Ethereum: 0x37FA1699d592F9Eb4aC48F21e0117522ba77C7C1

Litecoin: LaJXQrrg9zSCioogqNXNwepYTYJFncRher

BAT: 0x37FA1699d592F9Eb4aC48F21e0117522ba77C7C1

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